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  • Joey 12:54 AM on September 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Diana Mini

    Its my turn! First time using half-frame cameras. I’m being so generous with the shots now because one roll of 36 exposures = 72 half-frame shots. Or you can switch it to square format. Although its just a cheapy plastic camera, the price also goes towards to the interesting and thoughtful packaging. I love the little book that comes with it. Makes me more excited about shooting with it.

    London Eye

    Oh did I mention Diana Mini now comes in WHITE!!

    For those actually interested in vintage half-frame cameras, do a search on Olympus Pen EE, Canon Demi EE and Ricoh Auto-half.

    But for now, I must resume editing my assignment.

    • denise 10:34 PM on September 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      oh man i have the diana F and i should really start using it lol

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  • Joey 2:45 PM on September 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    retro is the new modern. 

    FACT: I love lovvvveeeeeeee cameras!
    Where shall I start? The camera-loving began with the awesome top of the range Canon Powershot s40 (i think) 5 MEGAPIXEL point and shoot camera. Then decided to downside to some little Pentax… to the Lomo film cameras….then my first pro-sumer camera Ricoh GX100 and in New Years earlier this year, I finally took the big plunge to get a DSLR!! W00TTT

    Probably the ultimate camera that a camera collector aspires to is a Leica. I’m sure a lot of people can’t justify paying $8000 – $10 000 for an M8 or M9 Rangefinder camera, let alone about $30 000 for a Leica S2. But, the white edition M8 is to die for!! Leica actually updates their camera in really long intervals compared to all the other camera manufacturers: about 10 years on average between major upgrades.

    Leica’s first digital rangefinder: Leica M8
    in Limited Edition White

    This is the newest release by Leica, the M9.

    Recently, there has been a new market of cameras: Micro Four-Thirds. Think of it as kinda a transition between Pro-sumer and Digital SLRs. I love the retro design of these cameras and the picture quality is definitely on par with the some of the DSLRs out there. I suppose you can say these are more “affordable” than the Leicas above with the price at the moment between $900 – $1500.

    Olympus PEN EP-1
    New Micro Four-Thirds

    Panasonic DMC GF-1


    There are also those classic cameras like the Rolleiflex Twin Lens Medium Format Camera. These were first made in 1929 and I’m sure if you watch really old black and white films, you’ll see one of these.
    Rolleiflex 2.8F
    Rolleiflex 2.8F

    Rollei have tried to follow the digital trend as well with the MiniDigi. Although it has only 3 megapixels and a 1.1 inch screen, I would get it simply because its a Rollei!

    Currently, I’m on the look out for a film SLR. Can anyone point me to a decent one? I reeeally realllyyy want a Rolleiflex too!! Browsing on flickr for photos of cameras is not doing me any good.

    • denise 3:21 AM on September 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      great post! i love cameras too but it can be a really expensive hobby..not just for the cameras but getting film developed can really eat at your wallet!!

      i have an old Vivitar 400/sl which I bought on ebay for $20us hahaa such a good find!! and it takes pretty awesome pictures..here are some that i took: http://www.flickr.com/photos/d-nyce/tags/vivitar/
      Its so vintage that the camera is made out of pure metal so the thing weighs like 10 pounds or something so its kinda hard to carry around -.- I actually haven’t used it in a while os you posting about cameras has reminded me that i should!!

    • Coco 8:42 AM on September 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I use a film Canon SLR, but I really can’t afford the film and paper. It’s so rewarding to develop and process your own film, but so expensive – unless I marry well, I think I’ll have to give it up. 😛

    • JOii 11:34 AM on September 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Totally with you on the expensiveness of this hobby. What I tend to do is buy the camera but don’t get to use it enough. I was browsing on ebay for film SLRs for pretty much the whole day!! Developing film here will be quite expensive and especially in the beginning of getting use to film, there will be a whole lot of screw ups… maybe about half will probably be bad pics. But its all part of the fun isnt it!

      I’m looking to get a Nikon FM2N or the Olympus OM2N….. the Nikon one has gone up to about $200 which I found quite shocking!!!

    • אריה 11:55 PM on March 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      what a great post. I recently purchased the pen-1 and since im practicing photography in college, i picture alot with it, having a blast. i don’t know why they changed the aluminum case in the pen-2, didn’t want to give up on that since im picturing with an olympus OM10 from the 80’s. well i guess the leica is a fetish fantasy for lots of us, my teacher has one, it has a pretty rough body but whats more interesting are the lenses.

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