Bad Things Come in 3.

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So I was on my merry way catching a bus to work in the morning yesterday – express to the city.
I touched on with my Go Card and usually I don’t get asked to sight my student ID, but not today. Alright, I thought to myself, just doing their job thoroughly and it may have something to do with the fact that she’s a mature-aged woman so she rigidly follows the rules. No drama there.
However, as she was entering a round about another car had cut in front of the bus causing the bus driver to slam down the breaks hard.
The sudden jerking had caused a woman to fly out of her seat in the middle pathway, hitting her face on the floor. Ignoring the pain in my hard-hit knees (which was so minor in comparison to this poor woman on the ground yelping) I peaked to see how badly hurt she was. Two other passengers closer to her had swiftly got up to aid her, so to avoid crowding I remained in my seat.

  • I scrambled to the front to give her a whole pack of tissues and saw that the woman’s face was bleeding from her cheeks and nose.

Bus driver called the ambulance and waited until they arrived at the scene.

Wait, there’s more.

To reduce further delay to the passengers left on the bus, the driver called another bus from the depot. After about 10 mins, there was still no replacement bus to be seen. I heard, “Hi, just calling to let you know that I’ll be a bit late today as there has been an accident on my bus.”
Frustration in the bus grew by the second. The bus driver called the operator on speaker and then informed us that the replacement bus BROKE DOWN on the way. Fabulous. Nice to see how reliable public transport is these days.

Oh, of course something else will happen to complete this series of bad luck.

So the same bus driver drove us all to the city. By the pattern of acceleration and braking, it was obvious that this driver was nervous and rushed. NOT A VERY GOOD COMBINATION! Just before pulling up to the city bus stop, “ANYONE HAVE TISSUES?”

  • What now? I already gave all my tissues to the first lady. Someone had vomited on the ground, and as I peaked out to the side I saw more fluids being splashed on the floor. FANFREAKINGTASIC!! Blood AND vomit all in the span of 30 minutes!

1) Always bring tissues with you no matter where you go.
2) Public transport sucks.