One of my resolutions for this year was to spend more time behind the camera and hopefully get enough nice shots to make a portfolio. What better way to start then get myself more involved in the events around the community. I went to my first music gig last Saturday night at the yearly chinese singing competition. This is one of the biggest events for young talented people because the winners from all around the world get to go to Hong Kong to compete against each other. The winner of that final gets the opportunity to enter the show-biz and sign a music contract with a huge company.

You do feel the pressure and having to run around, ducking under the video cameras to not get in the way, dodging the guests at the front while trying not to distract the nervous contestants on stage. I could only work with what I had, which was just the kit lens and “nifty-fifty” prime lens – not what you call ‘pro’ at all. The thought of getting a $2000 lens did cross my mine, but I do consider before making any purchases the $1 per use/wear formula: Would I use the lens 2000 times?? Well, probably yes. But given my schedule these days, it might take me maybe 20 years to use it that much. For anyone wanting to upgrade lenses, the primary consideration would be to find what drives YOU to take photos. I mean it doesn’t matter that Tom, Dick & Harry all use the $1500-$2500 lenses and $5000 camera (although yes it would be nice if that’s your budget and you require it). At the end of the day no point having it all at home collecting dust when you maybe only need the ‘all-rounder’ for 90% of the time. For me, I’ve really found my passion for taking portraits and capturing the emotion on people’s faces, plus landscape & objects every so often.