Recently, I’ve started…

  • a new job
  • uni semester 2
  • drinking two coffees a day
  • to like my fringe that went horribly wrong when it was fresh cut. Its actually turning out alright when its grown a bit.
  • complaining about the trackball on my Blackberry (YAY new phone soon then!)
  • considering whether to stick with micro 4/3 GF1 or invest in just Nikon gear? The more I read, the more undecided I become.
  • a new shopping basket with ASOS… majorly needing some discount codes peeps!
  • convincing myself to keep the iPhone 3GS for another year… and4its4not4working…iPhone4 yeah!
  • thinking about which colour iPhone 4 to get… sexy black or fresh white?
  • using twitter more than facebook… for some reason I feel better updating knowing mostly random ppl read it (and most likely not care anyway). Discuss.
  • collecting spectacles… 6th pair on its way.
  • to miss girls nights! Come back to Bris ppl!