Piggy Bank.

I absolutely fell in love with these rings! Initially, I only intended to buy ONE of these. But as I was getting mixed opinions and couldn’t decide which one, I thought – why not get them all?! I mean look at them: a WING, a cute NUDE flower, and and and a WATCH RING! Ooookaaaaayyy… maybe I haven’t been shopping for accessories for awhile, but I thought it was pretty cool.

This I just found on my desk when I got home – a cute pack of erasers from my mother. Yes, she still thinks I’m a child so she loves buying random stuff like this for me. I don’t want to use them though!

Things you would typically find on me or with me. This picture reminds me of those “what’s in your bag” forums posts I see. Is it weird that I actually REALLY enjoy looking in people’s bags?! Its interesting to see 1) Handbags people use, 2) Gadgets, 3) Organisers & diaries, 4) Make-up cases and pouches, 5) Pens, 6) Weird stuff??
Well seems that there are plenty more people out there that is interested in what’s in your bag.

New KICKS!! Haven’t bought a pair of sneakers since getting back from Hong Kong. Everything here just seems so much more expensive. I really wanted a pair of plain white shoes and the trend lately seems to be all canvas. I have nothing against canvas but getting a pair of white ones will be such a nightmare. I’ll consider a pair of black ones though. I’ve always wanted to get a pair of Tigers – leather, arch support, slim and on sale… so here they are!

I think the next thing I need to get is a piggy bank.