Two Wheels.

Perhaps more a want than a need (as with a whole heap of other items on my wish list). I wish there are more general occasions that warrants the need to ride a bike – buying milk from the grocery… creative photography & video… purely relaxing…
And how about mounting a tripod on it and take a video of a Sunday morning stroll to the markets & cafe? I seem to be going backwards in time and growing a greater appreciation of the simple things and analog technology from vintage days. I sound like such a grandma! Nonetheless, the Fixed Gear Girls in Korea seems to have a ball of fun with their bikes!

Another reasons that makes vintage bikes so appealing to me is that it is quite a perfect accessory (and of course very useful!) to accompany stylish outfits such as the above.

I’ll make some time next week to check out GEARS shop Brisbane and get some pics too. Whether this is a good idea or not is open to question since my self-control for spending is lacking the past few weeks.

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