Calm Water.

It’s all been quiet lately, as you can tell by the huge gap since my last post. I haven’t had much time to chill with my pal, the internet, so I haven’t had much to hype about. Sadface. I seem to always have a hundred things to do or think about. But, now everything seems to be falling into place quite nicely – at least for now anyway.

A HUGE CONGRATS TO BEE for landing a job as an intern psychologist!!!!!! For those who aren’t aware, it is ridiculously difficult to find positions in psychology when you’re a fresh graduate. Surprisingly, many universities do not equip you with the necessary practical experience for you to become a registered practitioner. So proud of you!! Although its a few hours drive away, I suppose its better than being interstate.

Chilling with L at Tea Centre – great alternative to Starbucks!

Happy birthday to Eunice!! What a nice dinner and lovely to catch up with some familiar faces.
Seeing a few people in suits was something different – makes me want to hurry up finish my degree and graduate! Two years to go for me… its seems like so far away still. Then again, the thought of the whole recruitment process and working full-time straightaway gives me goosebumps. But its great to have all my law girls & boys there alongside me for motivation. We will all make it to the end!

Oops, I bought another 2 cameras…
A friend recently asked me, ‘how would you feel if you don’t have or didn’t bring any camera with you?’ My answer is I would feel completely naked and anxious that I might miss out on a “moment” or some opportunity for a great shot. (Oh yes, a huge photography bug bit me. HARD.) I am currently working on covering a wall in my room with photographs from film and about 1/4 of my wall is covered. Hope I can get a scanner soon so I can upload them on here too.

The thing I hate about our digital era is:
1) it fails when there are no batteries; or
2) most things die after 2 years, or conveniently the day AFTER the warranty expires.
Well I suppose, if everything lasted for a lifetime then businesses will go bust. For those who want to get serious about photography, I highly recommend getting a manual film SLR camera. I have here Nikon FM2n (black, left) and a Nikon FE2 (chrome, right). My other inexpensive choices would be Canon AE1 or Olympus OM-1 or OM-2. They are made to be so solid and provided you don’t drop it or run over it, it will last a lifetime. Although film can be quite expensive these days, say about $7 for a roll with 36exp, it actually forces you to really think about what you’re shooting and be more careful or precise with your composition. No ‘delete’ button or reviewing the photo immediately after. Exciting isn’t it!?

Anyone shooting film still these days? Love to hear from you!