Some Warmth in Winter.

Feels so relaxing when everything is quiet, and still – just feeling the winter breeze. Freezing, but refreshing.
What’s perfect with this scenery is my favourite hot drink and companion: coffee & my dearest Bee. I appreciate my days off even more now that I’ve started working again. Even finishing work, coming home to cooked dinners and seeing people at home is something I always look forward to. But then there comes a time where things change – career opportunities, family circumstances, or other commitments. Its all a bit daunting to think about it, that maybe for some time you will be without those things you’re so familiar with.

Looking for something to wear for an important interview. Seeing him try on all these shirts just makes me how much we’ve grown up. We’ve come a really long way and this is another experience to add on our never-ending list. All the best!!