Pop the Bubbly.


When it all seems to be getting too much, it really helps to de-stress a bit. I don’t know whether to be happy that I have been given awesome opportunities at this time, or frustrated that it has all come at once while I’m supposed to be concentrating on the task at hand – study. Right now, I might have dug myself into a bit of a hole by putting too much on my plate. FML.

On a lighter note, iPhone 4 is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has been a HUGE spike in my stats from the millions of people searching for iPhone 4 in the www. And what the hell, might as well join in on the HYPE!! I was so sure that when I got a custom-made iPhone case, that I wouldn’t really want the new upgrade of the iPhone this time around. But I want just about everything with the Apple logo on it!
It has improved most of the major downfalls of the 3Gs: Multitasking, 5mp camera with LED flash, “FaceTime” (video calling), new design and HD video. What I don’t really get is the purpose of the “micro-SIM’. I don’t see it really taking off, kind of like when Sony brought out the Sony Duo Memory Sticks. Fail much? Maybe it has some greater purpose that I don’t know about then plainly being smaller in size. The design is quite boxy as a number of people have pointed out, but as Steve Jobs said:
“You gotta see this in person. This is beyond the doubt, the most precise thing, and one of the most beautiful we’ve ever made. Glass on the front and back, and steel around the sides. It’s like a beautiful old Leica camera.”
He said LEICA! Its like the Rolls Royce in car terms, or Hermes` in handbags.

I’ll have one of those, kthxbye.