Breathing Space.

You realise you haven’t blogged for quite awhile when you hesitate for a bit when typing in your blog’s address. What a rough two weeks its been. I’m done with all the deadlines now. But finals is just around the corner. I was suprised to see that I racked up a top of 5000 views a day from my “iPhone 4G?!” post a while back. Cool.

Oh btw, lesson learned recently is never have red bull first thing in the morning!!!!! I’m not the type with a weak stomach, holy I felt like i had a really bad hangover for the whole day. Really not good cos I had to stay up to finish my assignment. Or maybe it’s a combination of stress, sleep deprivation and OD of caffeine.

Feeling a little lost as to what to do now. I’m feeling a little weird now that I don’t have to rush to do another assessment. Might clear my head by doing some photo taking.