Trash & Treasure.

Just way way way too busy to update. Four assessments due this week and next so I’m keeping this short.
Last week, I managed to find some real goodies from eBay:
1) Yashica Electro 35G – Rangefinder with 45mm, f/1.7, Yashinon-DX lens. Price: $70
This is my first rangefinder and I was hoping to get myself ready to own a Leica M8/M9 sometime in the future XD I shot one roll of film, and only 1 picture was in perfect focus. But I have to say, the quality of that one picture is comparable to a digital shot. I had been keen on getting a film camera for awhile, but its very hard to get a decent one since they are at least 40 years old and without adequate care, dust and fungus usually ruins a good camera. Rangefinder cameras are actually a really different type of shooting!! I’m still taking ages to get a shot in focus and definitely a pain in the ass when shooting moving objects, such as Mickey, my dog.

2) Asahi Pentax SP500 – Film SLR, 55mm f/2, 135mm f/2.8 and 2x teleplus. Price: $25.
No joke. I’m assuming the seller had no idea what his camera was worth, and probably thought a 40 year old camera would have no salvage value. Oh he was very wrong. There’s still a pretty huge market out there, be it collectors or users, who are still on the look out for good condition film cameras. So happy I got this amazing bargain!!

Currently working on decorating my wall with all my photos from film. My little humble collection so far:

Next on my list: Nikon FM2 and Lomo LC-A.

I just love that excitement when you get your film developed. You just don’t know what it’ll turn out like – sometimes you surprise yourself with a great shot. Another thing about film is it forces you to really think about what you’re shooting and composition of your photos because you can’t just delete the shots you don’t like! Can’t wait to develop my next roll and also run a test roll in the Pentax!

More camera porn on my flickr.