Impossible Made Possible

Since the introduction of digital photography, analog or film has phased out quite quickly. It is because of this that Polaroid declared bankruptcy in 2001. Those who still had Polaroid Instant cameras were caught in panic and probably stocked up on film before it became obsolete. I myself quickly sold my Polaroid and replaced it with the Fujifilm Mini Instax camera instead. However, a group of people were determined to bring back instant film and succeeded!!! POLAROID INSTANT FILM IS BACK!!! Those who have kept their Polaroid cameras, dust it off and get yourself PX 100 Silver Shade – currently selling for $21 USD.

Creds: Mijonju's Flickr Photostream

And of course Mijonju @circlerectangle would be the first one getting his hands on it. Check out the Mijonju Show for a short review.