Hipstamatic iPhone App: Digital to Analog.

Hipstamatic iPhone app is designed to not only take pictures like retro analog film camera, but it even looks and feels like you really are. The viewfinder is just a little square, shutter button, film window, flash ready indicator coupled with the respective sound effects.

At first by looking at the intro in the App Store, I couldn’t really grasp the concept and it just look like such a toy to me. Once you play with it, its a lot clearer! Basically, you have 3 components: lens, flash and film. You slide them left to right to change them. I took some time getting used to the controls and constantly pressed into the in-app purchases.

This app is $2.49AUD and comes with some default “lenses”, flash and film to give different effects. Since I was given an iTunes gift card (thanks Bobo!) I went ahead an bought the extras as well! So if you want full access to everything available in the app, its going to cost about $7.50AUD. Whether this is worth it depends on the individual but personally if I could make any random photo look good, why not?

I’m always curious as to why some apps receive such high ratings and always tempted to try them if it is within a reasonable budget. I have tried quite a lot of photography iPhone apps and this is one which I have to say I’m very impressed with – seeing as I’m taking the effort of doing this little review. Those who love photography as much as I do should really get it and those who think their photos are plain and boring should get it too 🙂 Download in iTunes now.

I spent so much time playing with this. See the results:

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