The i(love)Mac 27″

Hello! Here’s my new friend, iMac! Needless to say that I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it. (Twilight much?) I’m still getting used to the size of it since I had been using a 15″ Macbook Pro for the past 2 years. Twenty-seven inches is quite overwhelming and just SO. DAMN. AWESOME. I have yet to watch a movie on it – I’m thinking Transformers 2 or 2012 – or anything which will really show off its graphics. Suggestions?

Wheeling my goodies out of the Apple Store.

Oh I love it.

Can’t wait to dig in!!!! Its so damn big!!

Oh aren’t we just so sweet together?

Hello there sexy.

Completely owns that 22″ thing on the left. LOL Ok…maybe I’m getting a little cocky now.

You just gotta get one. Seriously.