iPhone 4G?!

Let me introduce you to:

…a RUMOUR! Ha! Did I get you?

Its getting towards that time of the year again where everyone holds their breath waiting for the announcement of the new iPhone. Obviously Apple are very confidential and quiet about their new innovations so I doubt anyone has any concrete facts on what specs it will have, improvements, what it will look like or how much it will be. I’ve know plenty of people who are undecided about whether to get a new phone now or wait for the iPhone 4G. Honestly, I would say wait if you can, but judging by the past announcement dates it will be at least 3 months until it will be out on the market.

I thought it would be interesting to compile a few rumour photos and concepts of what the new iPhone “4G” will look like. Oh by the way, correct me if I’m wrong, “4G” only means 4th generation iPhone and NOT a new telecommunication network/bandwidth. With these potentially being the new iPhone, I think its worth the wait.