Happy Birthday to LY!
Just had a huge huge weekend so I’m still catching up on sleep. Three nights straight drinking is just ridiculous for me – ridiculously tired, ridiculously fun. It really makes a difference to someone when they know you have put effort into making their day special. Hope you had a memorable day LOLO!



LY Birthday



I used to really look forward to my birthday. PRESENTS!! But now, I realise I don’t really want to celebrate being OLDER and having more responsibilities that come with age. Though, the thing I look forward to the most is spending the time with friends because its the one time that you can get everyone altogether at the same time. People are just so busy these days. Oh and I’m really big on skin care right now because it will all go down hill in a few years!!!

Why is my post titled ‘upgrade’? I guess life is full of upgrades – beauty, status, money, materialistic things, car… Seems to be all these external things that people strive to achieve in life. But the most durable upgrade you can give yourself is what’s on the inside – knowledge, skills, relationships & friendships, confidence, willpower, motivation and happiness. Food for thought.