RIP: My Macbook Pro.

Those who follow my twitter would already know that my beloved Macbook Pro drowned in the pool. Stupid, I know. Why was it near the pool? I was on my way to the gym with my sis where you had to walk pass the pool to get there, and it had been raining all week here. I asked her to hold on to it and then there was this “THUMP, SPLASH!” =.= FML.
MacBook Pro died.

Apparently its under insurance so I went to Apple Store to get a quote for it. Turns out if the whole computer was to be repaired, it would cost:
MacBook Pro repair bill.

LOL you can get 2 new Macbook Pros or 3 or 4 iMacs with that money! I don’t know yet if I can claim the whole amount back. Fingers crossed. Its only use now is be my netbook stand…
MacBook Pro owned.

So now, I don’t know how much data I’ve lost since I’m not sure when Time Machine backed up my stuff. I’m a bit limited with a netbook right now since I can’t multitask much on it – this may actually be a good thing for study!

I hope insurance will cover it!!!! I’m thinking 27″ iMac…. or another Macbook Pro? Hmmmmmmm.