Welcoming The Tiger with Love.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The atmosphere in Hong Kong at this time of year is awesome. Everyone out to prepare the best family dinners, buying flowers for house decorations, preparing the ‘Lai See’ (red pockets), buying lollies and pumpkin seeds for the lolly box…ahhh so warm. We went to the Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park Causeway Bay. It was packed to max…. like as in everyone behind you shoving you forward, like on the MTR at peak hour in the morning… just see what I mean:

Took the fun out of it because you couldn’t really see anything if you were in the middle and awkward to stop and stare at something because it feels like you’re holding up all the traffic behind you – hundreds and hundreds of eager people. But still, I got to eat my favourite TONG CHUNG BENG (糖蔥餅) !!! Its like one of the most traditional cantonese snacks and hardly ever come across it anymore. Its crispy cane sugar with sprinkles of coconut wrapped in a soft pancake. Usually, there’s an old man pushing an old cart around selling these in limited quantities. You’re lucky to find it around these days.

With L on the tram.

Talking birdie.

Shooting away at Kadoorie Botanical Gardens

In the old streets of Central.

Last but not least: