Buffet Culture.

Life is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet right now! The typical day is: sleep til 10 or 11am; ready made yummy lunch by maid (she’s so lovely and professional); head out to Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui for walk around and shop; dinner out; home at midnight. Going to do more site-seeing around the place… sounds funny to go site-seeing even though I’m from here but just love the culture and streets of Hong Kong.

One thing I noticed is the amount of buffet places there are. Is it that “all you can eat” gimmick that lures people in (esp asians cos they think they’re getting an awesome deal with unlimited amount of food)… I’ve had buffet dinners 4-5 times in this whole trip. The mentality is to eat more than the value you are paying. But at the end of your meal, I do tend to feel overloaded and so unhealthy =,= I think I’ll be living on salad and oatmeal when I go back home in Bris.

It was Maggie’s 21st party few nights ago (buffet hotpot). Happy Birthday Maggieeee!! I got to try on my new colour contacts. Actually, its my first time wearing colour cons!! Gosh I looked so different!!! I took one with the flash on and I looked like I’m from a horror movie. Freaky.

I rarely post my outfit pics. Here’s an attempt:

Long 3/4 sleeve blazer, trilby, Witchery striped shirt dress, wetlook tights, bbag & Puzzle Pom Pom flats.

IFC Mall – these things are cute!

Just got home from dinner at Japanese Buffet…so full and sleepy right now. Pics from din din:

ughhhh feel sick 😦 Remember buffets are a sunk costs! XD