Should be banned.

Got back from Bangkok yesterday and I’m totally wrecked!! The weather was just like an AU summer, only more sticky and humid. Ewwww. But didn’t mind all the walking to work off all the food I’ve been eating! Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Hai Nan Chicken Rice, Curries, French Degustation, Papaya Salad, Shabushi… whooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Did a whole heap of stuff and didn’t cost too much.. around $2500HKD spending money for 4 days. I took roughly 700-800 shots in Bangkok alone. I’ll probably do a massive photo dump on flickr or some highlights on here later on.

I really should be put on a shopping ban… starting from when I get back to AU. I should really stop myself from trying on all the stuff and have 10 second timeouts to calm myself down. Some of the shopping I’ve done so far. So happy!! More to add 🙂

After one week of shopping. More to come.