Unplanned Purchases – Day 2 in HK.

Tip for wanting to stick to your travel budget is: Plan for the items you want to purchase.
However, this is NOT me. There are just way too many things here I wanna buy and the excuses I give to myself are:

  • I’ve saved up so hard for this trip.
  • I haven’t been back to HK for 2 years and it maybe be another 2 years before I come back.
  • AUD to HKD exchange rate is so good right now!
  • Got a good deal.
  • Can’t buy it in Bris.

I could possibly go on with a few more, but I think I would have already decided to buy it after the second excuse.

I got my eyes set on a Panasonic GF1, so pardon the iPhone pics until I get it. Brought my DSLR, but I just can’t bring it with me when I go shopping – the less things I have in my hand when I shop, the more things I can grab with my free hands.


HA! I will be sleeping with a smile on my face tonight.