The Best DSLR Handbag.

Over the past year or two, the amount of people using Digital SLR cameras have definitely increased dramatically, especially women using DSLRs. Maybe you want to learn photography, or you find yourself wanting to take photos for your blog and is influenced by fashion bloggers such as The Sartorialist and Fashion Toast. With increasing popularity of DSLR cameras, I’m surprised the accessories haven’t really caught up with the trends. If you walk into a camera shop you’re most definitely going to find backpacks, slings, top loader shoulder bags and suitcases. These are probably more suited to travellers, professionals, the guys or if you don’t mind putting the camera bag inside your handbag. Yes, the point of a bag is to carry and protect you camera, but I don’t think us ladies should sacrifice looking stylish to achieve this! After seeing the thread on Vogue Forums, I was on a quest to find nice looking DSLR handbags or alternatives to take your best camera on the go with you.

The result? After pages and pages of google searches, I have come to the conclusion that the best and most affordable solution is PADDED CAMERA INSERTS!!! Best thing is that you can use your favourite handbag that’s big enough and put these in to protect your camera while its in your bag.

My favourite DIY:

I haven’t seen many camera shops sell these so have a search on ebay (like this one) or this one from

I’ll be in Hong Kong soon so hopefully I can find some decent ones! I’ll be in Hong Kong for a month from 24th Jan, so maybe I can do a CP?? More details later.

Maybe I can get the Alexa Chung Mulberry Bag and put some inserts in there and take my DSLR with me too. MMMMmmmmmmmm HOT!

So I say, the best DSLR handbag is possibly your own!