Refreshing the blog.

I can never really be satisfied with the generic themes offered on these free blogging sites. I’m all for minimalism, helvetica and white. Three little things, but none that I’ve seen sparks my fancy.

I’ve been reading blogs more and more on my iPhone and the previous theme’s mobile site was horrible. This one however is so neat and fast. With a friend’s influence in using google products, I have been wanting to transfer this blog to Blogger. I think a lot of features have been added to Blogger since I started this blog with WP. Downloading your own themes is free and there are a lot more customisation options on Blogger than WP. I wanted to import the posts here to Blogger…But no can do captain! It needs some online .xml file converter which fails at its job in the end. Oh well, WP it is then!

My first attempt at a poll: