A phase.

Ermm… so I was thinking randomly, that maybe (or not really) um….I want a tattoo…

lol. Ok, the reluctant confession was a tad annoying. Coming from an asian family who tend to associate tattoos with gangsters and rebels, getting a tattoo was a big no no. Maybe I’m just going through a phase right now. Something I found really touching was a couple of months ago, someone I knew and his wife were expecting a baby but tragically, his wife had a miscarriage. It was devastating for the new couple and he tattooed his baby boy’s name to his arm. Before, I didn’t really see the point in stabbing ink into your skin. But I guess for some people, they want to have something to remember for life. Or for some others, I really just the love for art. See Marc Jacobs for example; I distinctly remember he had one of spongebob. Cute.

What I had in mind wasn’t anything dramatic or big, rather small & simple but meaningful at the same time. Here I am already thinking about what to get! Ha!? Knowing me and how indecisive I am, I struggle to even think of email addresses that I would keep let alone deciding on a tattoo.