Apple Care in use, finally.

I noticed my Macbook pro was running rather slowly and the updates didn’t instal. So brought it into Apple Store Chermside for a service. I finally get to take advantage of the $500 Apple Care Protection Plan. I was rather nervous just handing over my laptop to them… what came to mind was the Edison Chen scandal. hahah no, I don’t have raunchy pics of me. But you use your laptop so much that you just have everything on there. I would suggest for EVERYONE to get a external hard disk to back up your computer. Lucky for mac users there’s the time machine function which automatically updates everything once you plug the hard disk in. I’m skeptical about getting a netbook and using Win7 on it… No ‘corners’ function?! No time machine?! No syncing iPhone seemlessly to iCal, Mac Mail and iPhoto? hmmmmm (it prob can be done but I’m just lazy to find out. So much easier on a Mac XD) I’m waiting for the day when Steve Jobs announces a Mac Netbook!!! I will buy it straight away!! I have lots of pics to upload and a whole month if holiday itinerary I need to plan as well. Can’t wait til I get my MBP back!!