D.I.Y: Ferrero Rocher Flowers

I was walking around the shopping centre for 2 hours trying to find a present for Bee’s graduation. Being on a tight budget, it really narrows down my choices. But as I walked passed a florist, I got the idea of making these very practical flowers made from Ferrero Rochers!! To buy something like this at the florists costs about $40-$60. DIY = $15!! But most importantly, its super memorable for the giver & receiver. Time taken: Under 3 hrs.

Materials: Clear cellophane, 2 or 3 different coloured tissue paper, sticky tape, rubber band, sciccors, wooden skewers, ribbon and of course, Ferrero Rochers.

First, I would suggest cutting up all the cellophane and tissue paper first so wrapping process will be quicker. It needs to be about 10cmx10cm (or enough to wrap it around but without too much extra cello on the bottom).

Then, insert the skewer into the Ferrero Rocher about half way in. Wrap the Ferrero Rochers with the clear cellophane and secure it with sticky tape at the bottom.

Layer the two coloured tissue paper and poke the bottom of the skewer through the middle of the square. Shape the tissue paper “the petals” and use tape to wrap around & stick it to the stem.

By itself, it doesn’t look like much of a flower.

Tie all of it together with a rubberband towards the bottom of the stem and adjust the lengths. Get a large piece of the cello and coloured tissue paper and wrap it around the whole bunch. Make sure you cover up the skewer stems! Be creative with the colours and wrapping.
Now, it looks more like a bunch of flowers.

Tie a ribbon at the bottom to finish off.


If I had more time, I would have bought green tissue paper for the stems and used a box & foam balls to hold all the flowers together and decorated it with more colours. Also, you can do it in singles as well to give to family/friends for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

I gave them to Bee in the morning and he loves them!!
But he said he’s not going to eat them! lol~
3 hrs to make, and merely 10 mins to eat. Its the thought that counts!

I just kinda worked out how to do it along the way – perhaps I should have searched on google or something, but I had limited time because exams are in a few days.

Would love to know if anyone has tried doing this or any suggestions to make this better!