magic mouse.

My whole week so far has just been working and sleeping. Gosh, I feel so unmotivated to check back to the 500+ posts in my subscriptions…

But, then I felt so much more motivated when Bee got me this Apple Magic Mouse!!! Its smooth, slim and sexy, and most importantly it works as good as it looks! (Unlike its predecessor Mighty Mouse, which was far far less than ‘mighty’. )

The design is so simple that it seems hardly anything could go wrong; no more dust trapped in trackballs!!

At this point in time, Apple Magic Mouse is not windows compatible, though there will probably be some kind of software for it later which will make it compatible.

Tip: After syncing the mouse to your Mac in the bluetooth device setup, go do a software update before you can actually configure the mouse in System Preferences. I was so excited that I skipped the instructions – bad idea.

Bee got me the Targus Bluetooth mouse only a month ago, but he couldn’t resist this one for me XD Thank you!!! No more bashing the mighty mouse like a crazy person cos its going straight into cupboard!

Next is installing Snow Leopard on MBP to make it run better hopefully. I feel like my darling MBP quite exhausted as its running a little slower than before. Maybe I just need to give it a thorough clean-out when I have some time.

Hmmmm what Mac product will I get next?? iMac 27″ perhaps ?? teeeheeee!