visual inspiration.

I’m so bogged down with study, I really got nothing interesting to say.
I have been constantly typing up study notes, so I’ll use some bullet points here. ha!

  • Wanting to convert to Blogger because of WP’s lack of flash support. I wanted to maybe embed slideshows from Flickr, but WP fails in that aspect.
  • Hearing the hype around Google Wave makes me wanna try it. A MSN killer I hear? Only if it supports signing up with different email IDs, or if the incentive is big enough for everyone to switch to google. Currently its invitation only as its still in the process of being tested: GOOGLE WAVE.
  • Extremely tempted to procrastinate. Found this: WIX.COM Save for the holidays me thinks.
  • Getting uber excited about holidays (yes, too soon) – HK + Thailand? Taiwan? Japan?
  • WhatTheBuck cracks me up big time!