I haven’t had many interesting things happen lately because I was so bogged down with studies. Now I can finally have a short break. I don’t know exactly when I got into an extremely bad habit of constantly multitasking whilst ‘studying’. It seems more ‘efficient’ as you attending to two tasks – WRONG! Switching back and forth from study to web browsing/reading blogs/ebay/shopping/flickr/news/youtube etc.. actually costs you more time and in the end, you probably do below average at both tasks. If I keep going at this rate, I will FAIL FINALS (which is only 6 weeks away). So I’m determined now to just stick to one task at a time, which means switching off the computer when its not needed for studying.

Well, I suppose I did get something out of the times I multitask… such as an order on ASOS!! It was the first time I ordered from them and I’m quite impressed but how quickly it arrived. Shipping costs are quite reasonable as well. However, I was a bit disappointed that a pair of shoes were too big for me so I need to return them. But keeping these!! In love with the shoes ❤

No doubt anyone in Australia, well at least in Sydney or Brisbane, saw the huge dust storm that swept across the two states!! The whole sky was just orange and it felt like a massive construction site. Did some MAJOR EXFOLIATING when I got home. LUCKY MY WINDOWS WERE SHUT!!!! Or I would have seriously would have cried if I had to wipe every inch, every one of my displays and my plush toys!

It cleared up overnight and seeing blue sky again was just great!

Oh, and you should try this MULTITASK GAME I scored 92 XD