Bbag: SGH

carolines mode

Was going through my subscriptions and I think I wish I hadn’t! I know I’m in trouble when I look at anything on Stockholm Streetstyle, especially in Caroline’s blog. I gave handbags a bit of a break since I would only be living on bread and water if I kept buying handbags. The feeling of ‘look but can’t touch’ makes me sick to my stomach. I start to look away…. except its like calling me back. Then I suddenly find myself getting a calculator out trying to work out available funds, hours of work needed and balancing income and expenses- a dangerous process called self-convincing. Gimme gimme GIMME!!!

Dear Balenciaga City Silver Giant Hardware,

You are so beautiful. I want to take you out to nice places, see nice people and take you on a shopping spree.
I love the glimmer of your silver hardware and the way you can complete me and my outfits. You are my icing on my cake. Unfortunately, I can’t take you home just yet. But be patient cos you will belong with me…one day.

Wait for me!