hot studs.

Looking out for anything studded!
Really gives outfits an edge for the cool rock chics.

Caroline’s outfit-
Boots: Bess
Shorts: Topshop
Shirt: Alexander Wang
Sunglasses: YSL
Bag: Balenciaga bag.

= rockin’ hotttt
Picture 2

Picture 3

Ooo Balmain shoulders.. Is it a tired style?
I hope not, cos I’m still lovin’ it.
Picture 4

Denise @ shows her DIY studded bag and her sister Sha has tutorial on it here. I so don’t have enough time/patience to do it. Actually, maybe I should revisit some my home-economics skills (or there lack of..)


Took me a whole hour to blog this due to some kickass grandma speed internet.
Better appreciate!

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