First week of uni started on a rather unpleasent note. Food poisoning. UGH! Worse. Feeling. EVAR!!! So I’ve been away from cyberspace for a little while – could only be bothered to twitter and check facebook every now and then. Whilst lying rather sickly on my bed, I did discover some entertaining apps on my iphone and I’d really recommend those with iPhones to download these!!

  • Minigor [simple, cute and easy shooting game]
  • Pocketgod [you make these little guys do things-so much more entertaining than it sounds, i promise]
  • Papertoss [my record stands at 8 right now. Beat it!]

-WikiHow [a whole library of ‘how-to’s, e.g. How to escape from the trunk of a car] lol

I’m still in holiday mode. BADDDD!! Popped down to the Gold Coast, played some guitar heroes, hung out with some cool chickybabes and then off to Robina Town Centre for some shopping.

YAY new shoes!! I’ve always wanted shoes like these… Onitsuka Tigers in patent.

Next I wanna go get these:

Then I’m gonna customise my own Nike sneakers. Hip hip Hooorayy!!

I’ve been trying to find some nice rounded flats – except the only ones I adore is the Ferragamo Varina ballerina flats. The white ones are absolutely breathtaking. My feet had a slight orgasm when I tried them on. Amazing!