goodbye holiday.

Starting semester two tomorrow. 8am. zzzzzzzzzzzz
Then, off to work at noon.

Gonna DETOX from now onwards. Holidays really screws up normal routines and diet. ew.


I know everyone is probably sick of hearing/seeing iPhone this and that… but I just needed to post its whiteness. Its so pretty and I’m in love with it. Deal with it.

Absolute favourite.

Saw Harry Potter last night and it was actually better than the previous one; though I was expecting some massive fight scene that never came. Everytime I watch a movie that’s based on a book, I go out to buy the whole series of those books but never actually read them. I’m on the first book of Twilight and Harry Potter series is still on the shelf – creaseless.

Tomorrow will be a long day.
This week will be a tiring and boring week.

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