So yeah, I’ve kinda disappeared for a lil while; making the most of my holidays. A few things to say…

1. We got a NEW TV!!!!! A 46″ HD LCD!! Was a mega good deal cos we low-balled them first and they actually agreed to it! Also, we get another 22″ LCD via redemptions. Awww yeaaaaa.
2. Catching up with lots of ppl I havent seen for ages.
3. Missing my iphone…ooh can’t wait to slide my finger across the screen once again!
4. Spending way too much money – need to make new budget.
5. Hoping someone could do my tax return for me (Pls Jojo?)
6. Still laughing about Bee dropping his phone into the toilet… LOL.
7. Saw Bruno…………………. disgustingly funny… actually somewhat disturbing XD
8. Gonna start on Season 2 of Dexter this week – may disappear for a while longer.
9. Anyone have a Apple mighty mouse and the scroll ball is not scrolling properly?? Get yourself some WD-40 and clean the ball with it. Works mighty fine now!!
10. Last week, went with family to a restaurant in China Town for lunch. Jojo & I were HORRIFIED to find a HUGE HORSE FLY cooked in amongst our food. WHAT THE EFFFFFF…. What made it particularly difficult was mum knew the owner, so we couldn’t really make a scene (save mum some face). I’m gagging now that I think about it… EEEEEEEEK!!

Not too smiley after lunch…duh.

My cute g-ma was staring at me as I was going out, then she starts smiling and said I looked nice. Haha she’s so lovely… ❤