MJ the great.

Although its already been quite a few days since the death of Michael Jackson, the late king of pop, I feel the need to pay a tribute to him. I’ve been trying to find as many of his CDs/DVDs as I can around. Dad was wondering why I was trying so hard to find his CDs since I’m not really a die hard fan or anything. Well, MJ’s music is everywhere – you come across it heaps in movies and soundtracks, or sometimes randomly just break down in to MJ mood singing “beat it” or “don’t stop til you get enough”, or when some tragedy on the news occurs, first song that comes to mind is “heal the world”. Bee and I were actually trying to teach ourselves how to moonwalk just a few weeks back.

Its unfortunate how the fame put so much pressure on him that his life eventually became a circus. He seemed to have such high expectations of himself and wanted to remain the best of the best. Because of these expectations by him and the media, he pushed himself until he could push no more. Some one on twitter was point out the way the media spend their time digging all the dirt they possibly could on the star while he was alive, but glorify him when he passes away. Effing hypocrites.

At his best, and best look.

Staying stylish – wearing Balmain!

MJ’s voice is so versatile. In Jackson 5, his solos were amazing – ‘I’ll be there’ just gives me goosebumps.

He speaks so gently, but the words in his songs and his singing is so powerful – feel the effect of MJ in ‘They don’t care about us’.

Now he’s moonwalked to the pearly gates & keeps on rockin’ in heaven.
Rest In Peace.