4 degrees.

Still up atm, so I thought I’d make a short post since I’m procrastinating anyway.
It was probably the coldest night ever a few days ago at 4 degrees. Been really good with going to library during the week for some intense study. Lucky to have my girl L there with me to keep me sane. Library atmosphere is so much better than being at home sometimes imo. Feels kinda guilty to procrastinate while other ppl are around you studying their asses off. Towards the night, you start to see quite a few ppl rocking up in their PJ’s, blankets and ugg boots. Comfy as, though I would most likely just feel like sleeping if it’s too comfortable.

All wrapped up. Couldn’t leave the house without at least two jumpers, and either beanie or scarf…or both.

Well looked after by darling Bee. Cooked me lovely meals and kept me warm!! This is what I love most about winter ❀

Reviving my first Lomography camera: Holga. Buying this camera was probably the starting point of my photography obsession. I didn’t use it much though (and actually ruined my first roll of film and gave up); but a friend has really gotten into it so its inspired me to dust it off and take it out of the box once again. Thanks to A for the 120mm film pronto! Really needed a bit of colour and fun after being overwhelmed with study. I’ll definitely make the most of it!!

My camera count is up to 5; with more to follow! wOOT!

short one i said.