its like a battle.

It’s like there’s a angel-me to the left and a devil-me to the right.
Angel-me is telling me I should study my ass off and that I’ll have plenty of time in the holidays to play and shop.
Devil-me is saying I should really chillax cos its really not as hard as it seems; still have 8 more days until the first exam!

Angel-me is losing right now.

Anyways, dunno what came over me last week, but I really want to pick up the guitar again and actually learn it. I started playing in high-school (some 8 years ago) but played less and less since other interests took over…(hmm yes, I do have a tendency of acquiring new interests really quickly). I’ve been playing the acoustic in my study breaks – just trying to play the oldies but goodies like Jewel, Michelle Branch, No Doubt and Beyond. I can’t decide whether to get a new acoustic or a new electric or a new amp? Though I have really fallen in love with this Epiphone Les Paul Custom:

I’ve noticed that I rarely come across anyone who actually plays an instrument these days. I know back in school nearly half of the class was in the school band. Is it too geeky to still play? What I’d really like to know is, if you played an instrument before, what did you play? Do you still play or not? If not, why did you stop?