Wet & Windy is never a good combination. Went to the Gold Coast hoping for a day outdoors for some sun and walk on the beach, trip to Surfers for shopping and chillax at Max Brenner. Unfortunately Mother Nature had to ruin our plans and decided to break some wind and piss down on us all. Booo!

Nevertheless, still had a chill time with bee* who is still sickies =[ Off to Robina Town Centre to walk around. They really polished that place up heaps!! Went to the Apple Store!! Not as breath taking as the one in Sydney, but at least we have one now. I can really convince myself to buy another Mac product if I went in there long enough. Also, all big shopping centres should really have those red-green lights above every parking space to tell you if its vacant or not, and you can tell from a distance instead of driving around and around.

I’m really feeling the Twilight: New Moon craze on my blog stats…… daily count is up to the thousands all of a sudden from fans googling ‘New Moon Poster’ since I blogged about it a few weeks back.

Spotted: A granny checking out Hulk’s package.