A small incident occurred today and annoyed me a bit. I’m really not into the ‘yeah, whatever’, or ‘close enough’ attitude, especially not with the people I work with. Not paying attention to what you’re doing just makes you more likely to screw up and make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are costly. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But when you constantly have that attitude, and making one too many mistakes, then it really starts to get annoying. One day, the cost might be more than what you can afford. Not only that, you drag others around you down as well. No matter what it is, you must concentrate on what you’re doing and pay attention to detail. If you’re not used to that, go back and double check what you’ve done. Triple check if you’re completely unsure.

Taking this idea of perfection in another context, how much does it take for a designer to perfect their piece of art?

How far would a photographer go to get the perfect shot?

Or creating the perfect lie?

Perhaps we should all have something like this in our bathroom:

Doing things in a general or overview sense may be good, but knowing the fine detail will surpass mediocrity.

Quote me.

photo cred/ jakandjil; flickr