I’m currently doing a case report on Google’s latest technology: Latitude.
Basically what it does is that it uses the GPS in a compatible mobile device to track your location and share it with your friends around you. Its just like geotagging – only you are tagging yourselves, not photos. Its compatible with Blackberry, S60, Android and Windows Mobile devices (as long as you have the GPS hardware in-built in your phone). Google assures that you have total control of the privacy and whether or not to accept requests from those who want to see your location so you don’t get randoms stalking you. Actually, even if they are not randoms, having acquaintances, co-workers or friends ‘track’ your location is kinda invasive. I suppose if you really want to avoid them, at least you know which areas to stay away from. Good thing is that GPS isn’t exactly accurate all the time and usually gives the area of where you are, so inaccuracy may actually a good thing.


Will you jump on board with this new technology? Cos after all, its lame if none of your friends play along.

I’ll give it to google for developing this for convenience and when you’re on holidays. Also, it maybe useful for some industries. But the actual thought of it is quite freaky, yeh? Since mobile phones are nearly like computers nowadays, can there be phone hackers??

I think its only a matter of time.