‘fess up when you mess up.

Ever had to take responsibility for something that was not your fault? Its not the money, but my values! Why does it always have to result to four words: I TOLD YOU SO!!

It’s only now I’ve just discovered the immaturity surrounding me. Its like when you’re a kid and you break something behind your parent’s back. How do most children react? Well, they try to hide it in a cupboard, throw it away or attempt to fix it. And if the parents found out? The child is most likely gonna say: “I didn’t do it”…”It was slippery”…”He made me do it”…”I don’t know what happened”. I would’ve thought when some people reach a certain age, they will eventually grow out of this mindset and actually have the courage to admit to their wrongs or negligence in handling a situation.

How ignorant am I to think that.

[End of rant]