costa rican tarrazu


Weeeoooo!! Finally get to take a breather but only for a little while. Finals timetable is posted, so countdown begins now =[ Gotta talk back to the 5 May.. cos it was my sister’s birthday! She just had a quiet one cos she couldn’t get anything organised since starting full-time. Took Mama to try something new and not asian, so went to Ah Mets Turkish Cuisine. Love that place for the comfy seats, atmosphere and food of course.

Something with my lovely mother is, she can never keep her eyes open in photos.

Totally love Lie to Me right now. “He’s scary good.” LOVE CAL LIGHTMAN
Gives me something to look forward to every week. Hmm, say… I gotta catch up on some Gossip Girl too.
lie to me

Normally I’m not into K-POP, but bumped into Super Junior’s song Sorry Sorry.. super catchy and kinda raised an eyebrow when I saw there are 13 members of this boyband. Did they not have resources to make 2 separate ones? Hmm. Anyways, enjoy.

I thought I might take my coffee interest a little further, and picked a different coffee bean while at Merlos. Coffee of the month was Costa Rican Tarrazu. I was taking a bit step cos Bee actually pointed out one day that I get a bit crankypants when I go to try a new restaurant or something, then it turns out to be bad >< It smells so good and its more acidic so had a pretty strong taste. Nice.