Never Give Up.

My volleyball coach and dear friend told me before, ‘Never give up; Never give in; Never say die.’ I try to keep to this attitude and stay strong no matter what it is I’m facing. I just received some bad news. A friend of mine has fallen ill and is in quite a serious situation. Stay strong and be positive!! You’ll be back in no time, and going to be looking forward to your return. In times like this, it makes me extra grateful for the fact that all my loved ones are still with me, happy and healthy which is the most important thing.

Part of the reason that I like taking pictures is because I want to remember every moment and see it all over again when I want. I have this stupid thought in the back of my head thinking, what if he/she was not around anymore? When someone close to you suddenly is not there anymore, what do you have to remind you of that person? Memories fade, but photographs won’t.

Came across this video. Just so sweet.