B Bag.

I want a Balenciaga bag!!! The Balenciaga City or the Work is so classic and timeless. I just can’t decide which hardware I want. Bbag goes with so many different styles and outfits, and always in season. I really love the colours too, but knowing me I always end up choosing a subtle yet classic and versatile colour: black.

I haven’t bought a handbag since getting my LV Neverfull GM in Damier. I still love the Neverfull and the size is great as a day bag when you need to stuff a lot of things in there. But it’s sometimes a bit big for those semi-formal occasions or for casual shopping when you have only a few items to carry. (Also, wanting to get a B Bag cos I see the Neverfull in Monogram is EVERYWHERE on the streets… luckily mine is Damier though.)

In any celebrity news/fashion website with celebrity sitings, you’re almost guaranteed to see a Balenciaga somewhere on there. Celebs seem to take it around everywhere with them (like Vanessa Hudgens in baggy trackpants and ugg boots.) It’s actually hard work trying to keep up with just how many each celebrity owns!
Vanessa Hudgens
P.s. I want those shoes in the last pic too ><