happy easter.

I always get stuck for activities on public holidays. On any day off or holiday, I would be wanting to go shopping. But everything is shut on public holidays. I just had lunch with my mum and did some asian grocery shopping. Asians tend to open every day of the year though. Want a treat?? Happy easter everyone šŸ™‚


Noticed recently that I’m very bad at decision making. Simple example is that when I wake up in the morning, it takes me forever to decide what to wear. I put something on. Look in the mirror, do a little twirl. Something’s not quite right. So I take it off and back to standing in front of my wardrobe again. This cycle goes around a few times before I am forced to choose something because of the time constraints. Thus, I end up chasing after my bus on a few occasions. I try to decide what to wear the night before but I often just drift off to sleep before I decide. I mean, us girls all know that we have so many considerations when picking the right outfit: who we’re seeing, where we’re going, weather, colour, our mood, the right shoes will depend on what we’re doing, etc. (I can see all the fellas rolling their eyes right now.) Is it only me or do a majority of girlies do this also? Just a bit of insight there for ya..
I really dig myself into a bit of a hole when it comes to these ‘optional’ assignments. So do you really want us to do it or not? All along I was set on doing it.
Comes Tuesday and hmmm, maybe I prefer to relax in this semester break.
Come Wednesday and nah I’m not going to do it cos its so much effort and the task seems ridiculous and sounds like no one really want to do it.
Come Wednesday night, OKAY I’ll do it!! Since he’s apparently an easy marker, and it will secure me some marks before the finals… (hey my law girlies, lets all decide earlier next time, k thx xo.)
Joii will ya just bloody make up your mind already…. All that thinking is delaying my work!

ETA: I totally understand having shops close on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But at least you could open on Easter Saturday?! Gaaaahhh… Was going to buy my new DC on Saturday, but they are closed šŸ˜¦ so disappointed. I guess I’ll wait til Tuesday… and let me concentrate on my assignment. End of rant.