Ah damn. Wasn’t too long ago that I had the flu. Now sickies again 😦 eyes aren’t too good either. It’s so hard to wake up in the morning too. But maybe that’s not one of the symptoms… Feeling disgusting. Grossie sickness suckssss!


I’ve got 3 deadlines coming up straight after the Easter break which shall be super. I’m not sure whether I like these optional law assignments. Ppl get so much lazier when they have a choice; the choice between putting more effort into doing an assignment, or having more pressure on the final exam. So, choose to do or not to do….

And, its time to say au voir to my dear Ricoh. It was my first camera which shot manual mode. Took some great shots from it. But now time to try something else. Something I’ve learnt with dealing with electronics, change before the value drops!! I can’t believe Ricoh has kept its value on the market over a whole year, even though the upgraded model has come out already. Only lost a bit on the accessories, but all enough to get me a brand new model. So happy πŸ™‚ Using something until its breaks is a waste IMO, unless either you’re a collector or its worth the full value of the item. Call it what you want, but I’m all for business and an opportunist.


Just had hanaichi sushi.
This is what I need. Chilli out ‘joey time’….