go gaga.

Revolutionizing the definition of ‘pop’ is the fabulous Lady Gaga.
Although I often don’t agree with some of her outfits, I do admire her ‘I like it so I don’t care what you think’ attitude. She’s bringing her own individual style to the table and definitely standing out, even if it means having her cheeks hanging out of her tight outfits 90% of the time. I’ve had Poker Face and Just Dance on repeat before. Now its Love Game and Beautiful Dirty Rich.
Going Gaga yet babes?

UPDATE: Apparently Lady Gaga’s new video clip for “Love Game” has been banned from TV. Video Hits producer Ben Fletcher said that “It’s pretty rare we get a pop clip that’s sexual to the point there’s almost no way we can edit it without destroying the original intent of the video.” The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday.
There’s some “heavy touching”, “sexual postures”, “fetish-like costumes”, “disco stick”…
See for yourselves, down below…
(ok, didn’t mean to be sexual there!)

Lady Gaga is rarely seen without her sunglasses and an item of clothing that is black latex. Nearly couldn’t recognise her in pink at the Brits.


This is one of the better singing performances.

Remix: Womanizer x Just Dance

Anyone gonna be going to her show with the Pussycat Dolls in Brisbane?
May 19.