Anyone else swept away by the twitter wave right now?
I now send my tweets via 5 different portals. Just because.
Its taken over my allocated facebook time and my public transport napping time.
Has anyone taken notice of the random twit- words underneath your followers/updates counter?
Actually, there’s plenty more where that came from:

twittebrity – A celebrity who uses Twitter for publicity.
tweetup – A group of friends on Twitter that are planning to meet up.
twitterfag – A male who updates his status constantly with real-time updates of mundane daily events, much like a 12-year old girl.
twittiot – Someone who is clueless about twitter (how to use it, what DM, RT or other Twitter-only acronyms are)
twittociate – A twitter follower whom you do not know, so calling them a friend would make you look lame.
Oh and my fave…
twitterrhea – too many twitters per hour.

I reeels gotta get myself a leather jacket soon. Or two.
Leighton Meester.
Taylor Momsen.

creds// nylon; urban dict; celebritygossip.

Leave ya with a tune – Ciara’s Never Ever.

baby, throw your hands up in the air, if you know he love ya.
tell the dj play this song right here, if you know he love ya.
let me see you two-step, if you know he love ya.
it don’t matter if you’re by yourself, if you know he love ya.