j’s iPod update.

Just a quick post before getting some work done.
Really been into the alternative rock scene lately, and maybe its partly cos of the mood I’ve been in lately as well.

I’ve had Copeland putting me to sleep lately. Their airy smooth voices are quite calming.

Since ‘She will be loved’ and ‘Sunday Morning’, I haven’t really listened to Maroon 5; until now. Keep it flo’in~~

And quite possibly my favourite HK rock group, Dear Jane, has released this single from their new album which will be available in April. Can’t wait!!!

P.S Watching that vid really makes me wanna get the Lomo Colour Splash & LC-A+!!!!

I would say I’m more of a collector than a real user (although I would most certainly want to turn that around.) Fell in love with the Chrome Editions, but was saving for my DSLR at the time. Fallin’ for it all over again ❤ : http://www.lomography.com/chromiacs/


The Diana now has an instant back available (instant photo attachment) :O Just as instant photo cameras had become obsolete they bring this out.

Lomo Lubitel Universal 166+…for the serious lover & collector. oh. em……….g.

Kinda wish I had all the time and effort to spend on working out how to master medium format film photography. One day. Soon. I hope.