INQ or out?

Remember the good old days of social networking like Hi-5 and Friendster? We have seen some failed attempts of networking sites (“Tom” from Myspace keeps emailing me to return to my abandoned account and Ovi is Nokia’s somewhat unsuccessful attempt at being Facebook.) But social networking now has become such a massive thing for us all. Facebook and Twitter are the ones I see having the most potential at having the highest growth in the next couple of years. Facebook has nearly booted instant messenger out the door as well now – how many people really chat on MSN these days, when all you need to do is just leave a post on their Facebook wall or heck, just use Facebook chat! Imagine life without these now…

I remember when internet was first introduced to mobile phones. Slow, expensive and very very few mobile sites. Even up until today, you still get people being reluctant to have internet access on their phones simply because of the misconception that it will cost them a fortune. Many of us are living on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the convenience and entertainment from technology, here’s an inexpensive solution: Enter INQ1 mobile (pronounced ‘Ink’).

INQ1 rolls out in Hong Kong!!

Basically, this phone fully integrates your Facebook, Skype & MSN contacts into your address book and messages. This means that if your friend calls you, their profile picture from their Facebook will show up. I haven’t really been a fan of the budget phones just because they are mostly tacky and have shoddy internet features. The ones that are decent will cost over $500. This baby here will only cos you half that price, $249 AUD. I love what they have done with the packaging!

Why am I recommending this? Simply because the more people that have internet features on their phone, the more convenient it is for everyone to communicate and at a low cost.

Some features (Taken from

-3.2 megapixel camera
-Instant messaging with Skype and Windows Live Messenger
-Facebook application with photo upload
-Contact integration including presence feature
-Home screen widgets for web updates
-HSDPA for fast web browsing
-Plug and play modem support
-Large 2.2″ screen
-MP3 player
-RSS reader
-Light weight
-24 month warranty
-Expandable memory
-Email – Webmail, POP3 and

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